Parent Testimonials

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Where do I start? Tomorrow is my daughters last day at Swallows as big school beckons. I cannot tell you how sad I am that she won’t be seeing the Swallows family everyday anymore. They are like real family to my child and she has true love for every member of staff. When I found Swallows, my daughter was climbing a hard mountain and didn’t want to be with anyone but Mummy. In her short life she had become untrusting of adults due to being sick in hospital for much of her first few years. I also didn’t trust that anyone could care for her emotional and medical needs like I could and I feared that she and I would be destined to be co dependant on each other forever. Then I found Swallows. They told me on that first visit that they could handle the responsibility, that one day my daughter would stay by herself and that I wouldn’t feel worried to drive away from her. They were telling the truth. One day I did drive away and she was ok.. and I was ok too. Since then they have supported her to become the best version that she can be. When she is there she is the child we see at home. Happy, confident and content. Every time she meets a hurdle that other children may climb with ease, Swallows are there to help her. They have approached her special needs and physical limitations with care and compassion. They have help to create a self awareness of her needs and are there to share her triumphs and accomplishments. They have provided an environment where she feels proud and safe to discuss her illnesses and to feel it is a special addition to who she is.

Elaine has fought for my daughter as if she was her own. She has shed tears and fought battles with me to ensure her future at school is as easy as possible. Elaine has turned up to countless meetings even when she was seriously injured after a fall. What other nursery does that?? Swallows is not just a nursery - they will be your child’s second family.

Elaine, Holly, Lucie, Vicky, Laura, Steph, Emily - We will miss you more than words can ever express. I envy any family starting with Swallows, it’s been the best years of my daughters life so far and we love them very very much.

Grace Brown

I chose swallows for my son because I wanted somewhere that felt like a home away from home. Three years later and I honestly don’t think I could have picked anywhere better! Incredible staff that support and nurture the children in their care, and a comforting informal environment that encourages the children to learn through a variety of different stimuli.

Gemma Patten

What a nursery!! Swallows had had my boy since 2 months old! Treat him like all the other children even though he has additional needs!! Thank you for continuing to encourage and treat h as normal as possible

Roxy Josie

We absolutely love swallows! My son has honestly come on leaps and bounds with his speech and other aspects since starting! It is a home from home and the girls that work here are like friends and family, they really just have your children’s best interests at heart! I cannot recommend Swallows enough, will be so sad when both kids go to school.

Jenna Powell

I had to look for full time nursery care for my daughter from a very young age, so for me, it was extremely important to find a nursery full of loving and caring staff, and this was the reason I chose to drive in the opposite direction to work, everyday, for four years, out to Swallows Nursery.

After visiting many nurseries I came across Swallows and from that first overwhelmingly warm welcome, that has been consistent ever since, I knew this was the right place for me to send my children.

It was the best decision I could have made. My daughter has grown up to become such a polite and loving little girl, along with the other children from Swallows who I am still in contact with. My daughters first year teacher also remarked that the four girls that came to Newport from Swallows were four girls that stood out from an academic perspective, despite being some of the youngest in the class.

Now I’m back, without hesitation, making that trip in the opposite direction to work once again with my little boy and will be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future with another one on the way in April!!

Thank you so much to everyone past and present at Swallows, you have done such a fantastic job for so many grateful parents and their children and I have no doubt you will continue to do so long into the future.

Robert Hurst

My little girl has been going to swallows for just over a year and she loves it. I chose Swallows because of its varied activities, outdoor facilities and the animals.

I feel my little girl is so well cared for and looked after. When she has a little wobble at drop off time, she is always happy to go to and be comforted by the girls which shows me how happy and content she is there. Definitely the best nursery I saw in the area when I was looking.

.Helene Hill

Swallows day nursery is fantastic. Only nursery my daughter walked in to and made herself at home which put me at ease as we viewed a few before hand. She's been there over a year now n she loves it and has made loads Of friends.

The nursery assistants are lovely and treat the kids as there own would recommend this nursery highly to anybody.

.Jenna Gibbs

We love Swallows Nursery- the activities are always varied and interesting to all ages. All the staff are very professional being both friendly and approachable, the children clearly feel safe and happy there and have a strong bond with staff which I find a great comfort.

.Kelly Cooper

Friendly, attentive staff who provide great care for the kids. We get excellent feedback about how our child is progressing.

.Anthony Crabb

It was really hard finding the right nursery for my first child and son Leon. I veiwed countless places that I wasn't happy with before finding Swallows Day Nursery. Swallows has been fantastic for my son, so nurturing, like a big happy family and I would recommend them to anyone.

It's the hardest thing leaving a child with other people but I am confident that Leon is happy and well cared for. The staff are amazing with the children and I sometimes have to drag Leon away. Swallows isn't the closest nursery for me to get to but to have all that countryside to play in, clean air and a good small nursery it is a compromise was happy to make.

It is hard to find a good nursery so I'm glad I found this one and would highly recommend to anyone

.Emily Knight