Our Vision

Our Vision

swallows nursery children playingAt Swallow we want to demonstrate an ambitious vision, have high expectations for what all children can achieve and ensure high standards of provision and care for children.

All staff will continue improving their practise, and will continue to work effectively as a team, in caring, educating each child and working in partnership with parents.

We will continue to take Safeguarding seriously in our setting, all be First Aid trained and work with other professions to get support and advice if we have any concerns.

We will always evaluate ourselves as individuals and as a setting in order to improve the service we provide

To always follow the curriculum to plan and manage the areas of learning and endeavour to meet the individual needs of every child, taking in to account any changes that may to be made.

To ensure every child is ready for school.

To continue to promote equality and diversity, manage poor behaviour towards others, including bullying and discrimination.

To always promote British Values, keeping children safe from radicalisation, extremism and continue to promote Cultural Capital

Our Vision to ‘ To get better at what we do’