Our Age Groups

Working with your 0 to 2 years old

We aim to provide a high quality of care for our babies and toddlers.

Getting to know their routines, their likes, dislikes and their needs. Supporting their development in a warm, caring and stimulating environment and working with their parents

Supporting your 2’s to 3 year old

Children between 2 and 3 years really want to find out about themselves – what they want and don’t want. a toddler is more grown up than they really are. A toddler can hold strong feelings inside them for a little bit, but these feelings can easily burst out in a rush of excitement, fear or frustration.

It can be very frightening when they lose control of such big feelings – They need to be held and reassured, knowing that they are loved. They can appear to be more grown up than their years Every child is different and may develop at different rates.

So, if your child does not do some of these things, they may be ‘working’ on a different area of learning and development.
Each child develops in their own unique way.

3 to 5 years, watching them grow

This age group have very much developed their personalities, their likes and dislikes and becoming more vocal.

This group have a willingness and eagerness to absorb and learn more about everything.

The 7 Areas of Learning are now playing a big part in their learning and we at Swallows will support ALL children with their journeys to primary school.

We will also encourage all our children to grow into responsible, caring adults having respect for those they meet in their lives and hopefully make the right choices.